About Us

Flowers are my passion

I’ve been in love with flowers my whole life, “I must have flowers always, and always”.

When my daughters were born I discovered a new passion: photography. But, who doesn’t become a photographer when this new little family member is beyond cute? I guess we all do. At the time my goal was becoming a newborn photographer integrating natural floral arrangements to the pictures so I attended a floral workshop and that was it, I was hooked with floral arrangements! The possibilities with flowers are endless, it captivates anyone who plays with them and, it gives you the freedom to express yourself. I started doing flower arrangements for my family and friends but I am currently working for brides around the globe, how so? A few months ago I opened an Etsy Shop and it has taken my personal flower arrangements to places I never dreamed of. I will probably never meet the brides in person but they are in my heart because when you buy from a small business you are contributing to a dream, and when I get to see the pictures of them wearing my floral pieces I cry tears of happiness. Working from home gives me the possibility to take care of my girls and they get to see me around all the time! It’s a win-win!

Why LeChat? Well, the answer is pretty simple: I love cats! they are so adorable when they purr… so, why not? Maybe cats are my third passion…

Would love to meet you soon!