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Wedding Planning & Flowers

At LeChat, we are deeply passionate about wedding planning and flowers. We believe that each couple has a beautiful and unique love story to share.

Our dedicated team is committed to bringing your dream wedding and floral vision to life.

With a focus on creating arrangements that make your guests feel like they are a part of your dream come true.

We take delight in exploring the enchanting and organic side of flowers. By infusing a garden-style charm into every arrangement, we aim to illuminate the most important day of your life.

We are thrilled to collaborate with you and contribute to making your wedding day truly unforgettable.

Let us be a part of your journey and help create an experience filled with love, beauty, and cherished memories.


The EXPERIENCE of Wedding Planning & Flowers

Wedding Planning Experience

Research: To kickstart the event planning process, we delve into your vision, goals, and priorities for your milestone event day. Through an in-depth interview, we establish your guest list, set a budget, and diligently search for the perfect venue that aligns with your vision and accommodates your guest list.

Planning & Logistics: In this phase, we collaborate with our seasoned partners to craft a thoughtfully prioritized timeline that ensures an exceptional experience for your guests. We assemble a team of trusted event partners, including caterers, photographers, videographers, and entertainers, renowned for their expertise, passion, and reliability.

Design: We firmly believe that weaving your unique narrative into the design details is what makes your wedding truly yours. Our team expertly curates original concepts that flawlessly portray your story across every facet of the day, incorporating bespoke floral installations, custom lighting, captivating table linens, and elegant china.

Production & Execution: Now, we swing into action to transform your dream wedding into a tangible reality. We meticulously cross-verify orders, contracts, and timelines, maintaining open lines of communication with our partners to ensure a flawlessly executed setup. On the event day, our dedicated team takes charge of every detail, from load-in and setup to tear-down, leaving you and your family free to savor the extraordinary moments and cherish the exquisite details without stress or worries.

Flowers Experience

Consultation: To begin, we’ll conduct an initial consultation, either in person, over the phone, or via email. During this discussion, we’ll explore your wedding theme, color scheme, preferred flower types, and specific floral arrangements you envision.

Proposal and Budgeting: Utilizing the information gathered during the consultation, we’ll present a detailed proposal encompassing recommended flower types, quantities, and arrangements. Additionally, we’ll collaborate with you to establish a budget aligned with your vision and requirements.

Design and Planning: Once the proposal is approved, we’ll work closely with you to meticulously design and plan the floral arrangements. This entails creating a floral concept, selecting specific flowers, coordinating colors, and determining arrangements for diverse wedding areas such as the ceremony, reception, bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.

Ordering and Sourcing: With the design finalized, we’ll proceed to order the required flowers and materials from our trusted suppliers. Our priority is ensuring the highest quality blooms that meet your exact specifications.

Preparation and Assembly: In the days leading up to your wedding, we’ll handle the flowers with utmost care, including cleaning, trimming, and conditioning to enhance freshness and longevity. Following the design plan, we’ll expertly assemble each arrangement, emphasizing impeccable presentation.

Delivery and Set-Up: On the wedding day, we’ll personally deliver the arrangements to designated locations, such as the ceremony venue and reception site. With meticulous attention to detail, we’ll skillfully set up the displays to create a captivating atmosphere.

On-Site Support: Throughout the wedding day, our team will provide on-site support, readily adjusting arrangements, accommodating last-minute requests, and offering assistance whenever needed. Our aim is to ensure a seamless and enchanting experience for you and your guests.

Investment of Wedding Planning & Flowers

Branding Activations or Styled Shoots

If you are seeking to invest in your company’s branding and refresh your image, our team would be thrilled to collaborate with you and discuss your floral needs to bring your vision to life. Let’s chat more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Starting price $600 


Full Wedding Planning & Partial Planning Services


If you want a well-crafted event but lack the time or resources, we can help. We’ll listen to your vision, develop a budget, design the atmosphere and guest experience, source vendors, and manage every detail. Whether it’s a small gathering or a large celebration, we’ll ensure you can fully enjoy your day.

Our clients spend between $750- $1000 per guest.

Month of Coordination

Here are some of the typical duties of a month of coordinator:

  1. Review contracts and vendor agreements to ensure everything is in order
  2. Create a detailed wedding day timeline and distribute it to all vendors
  3. Conduct a final walkthrough of the venue with the couple to discuss details and logistics
  4. Confirm all vendor details, such as arrival times and set up instructions
  5. Coordinate the rehearsal, if requested
  6. Manage the wedding day timeline, ensuring all events happen on schedule
  7. Troubleshoot any issues that arise during the wedding day
  8. Coordinate with vendors to ensure smooth transitions between events (such as cocktail hour to reception)
  9. Ensure that the couple’s personal items (such as wedding rings, gifts, and decorations) are properly handled and accounted for throughout the day
  10. Oversee the breakdown and cleanup of the event at the end of the night.

It’s important to note that month of coordination is not a substitute for full-service planning, which involves more extensive work with the couple throughout the wedding planning process.

Investment $1,600


Personal Wedding Florals 


Are you looking for only a bridal bouquet and a boutonniere? This service is for you!

Our personal wedding flower package includes more than just a bouquet and boutonniere. We offer expert labor and delivery services, finest flowers, and ribbons to ensure your day runs seamlessly. We take care of everything, so you can enjoy your moment stress-free. Contact us to discuss your personalized wedding flowers today.

Investment $800

Wedding Flowers

  1. Custom floral design: Offer personalized floral arrangements tailored to the couple’s style and wedding theme. This could include bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, and more.

  2. Consultation and planning: Provide one-on-one consultations to discuss the couple’s vision and preferences, and assist with selecting the perfect flowers and arrangements to bring it to life.

  3. Delivery and setup: Offer delivery and setup services to ensure that all floral arrangements are properly placed and displayed on the day of the wedding.

  4. Event design and styling: Collaborate with the couple and their other vendors to create a cohesive look and feel for the wedding, including decor and floral design.

  5. Rentals and decor: Offer additional decor items such as vases, candle holders, and other items to complement the floral arrangements and enhance the overall look of the wedding.

Starting price for Small Weddings $2,500