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Wedding Processional Songs

12 Most Popular Wedding Processional Songs

Dear Brides and Grooms-to-be: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you embark on this beautiful journey of love and commitment, there’s one element that holds immense significance during your ceremony: Wedding processional songs. The captivating melodies that accompany your walk down the aisle set the tone for one of the most emotional and memorable moments of your life. In this blog post, we’ll explore why processional music is vital for your wedding and how it adds a touch of enchantment to your special day.

1. Creating an Atmosphere of Anticipation:

The processional is the moment when all eyes are on you, the bride or groom, as you make your grand entrance. Processional music plays a crucial role in building anticipation and setting the stage for this extraordinary moment. The carefully chosen music signals to your guests that something truly special is about to happen, creating an atmosphere filled with excitement and emotion.

2. Reflecting Your Personal Style and Love Story:

Every love story is unique, and your processional music can be a reflection of your personal style and journey as a couple. Whether you prefer a traditional classical piece, a romantic ballad, or even a contemporary song that holds a special meaning to you. The processional music allows you to infuse your personality and story into the ceremony. It sets the tone for the entire event and creates a musical backdrop that resonates with your love and the emotions you wish to convey.

3. Setting the Pace and Creating Emotion:

The rhythm and tempo of processional music play a significant role in setting the pace for your walk down the aisle. Whether you choose a slower, more melodic piece that exudes elegance and grace or a livelier tune that reflects joy and celebration. The music you select can intensify the emotions of the moment. The right processional music can bring a sense of calm and serenity or infuse the ceremony with an air of excitement and energy, leaving a lasting impression on both you and your guests.

4. Honoring Loved Ones and Traditions:

Processional music also provides an opportunity to honor loved ones or embrace cultural and religious traditions. It’s not uncommon for brides to walk down the aisle to a song that holds a special place in their heart, perhaps one that was meaningful to a beloved family member. Similarly, some couples choose processional music that aligns with their cultural or religious heritage. Adding an additional layer of significance to the ceremony. The music becomes a bridge that connects past, present, and future, paying homage to those who have shaped your lives.

5. Enhancing the Aesthetic and Overall Experience:

Beyond its emotional and symbolic importance, processional music enhances the overall aesthetic and sensory experience of your wedding. As you walk down the aisle, the harmonious melodies fill the air, creating a captivating backdrop for your grand entrance. The music adds depth and dimension to the moment, elevating the visual beauty and creating a multisensory experience that will be forever etched in your memory.

Wedding Processional Songs


Ok, ok without further ado, here are the 12 most popular wedding processional songs:

  • “Aria in F Major” by Handel

  • “March in C” by Purcell

  • “Trumpet Voluntary” by Clarke

  • “Bridal Chorus” from Lohengrin by Wagner

  • “Wedding March” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Mendelssohn

  • “Waltz of the Flowers” by Tchaikovsky

  • “Wedding March” by Mendelssohn

  • “Bridal Chorus” (“Here Comes the Bride”) by Wagner

  • “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel

  • “Coronation March” by Walton

  • “Prince of Denmark’s March” by Clarke

  • “The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies” by Tchaikovsky

If you need help finding these songs check out our Spotify profile to save this playlist for your wedding day!

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